Laser Micrometers

Measuring cylindrical products off line is accomplished with a bench top laser micrometer. A complete family of bench top laser micrometers is available, measuring product diameters between 0.03 to 200 mm.

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For in process measurements a complete product line utilizing both single axis and dual axis laser micrometers is available. We offer application specific products for extrusion, wire drawing, magnet wire, grinding and bar and tube manufacturing processes.

Our XLS series laser micrometers are marketed to OEM customers and end users. For OEM customers, the lasers provide cost effective precision measurement. Connectivity is accomplished via the Ethernet, serial, or analog interface. Standard measurement software packages are also available.

We can provide complete integrated packages for end users. The laser gauges an be made into bench-top measurement stations or can be fully integrated into a production process.

Scanning laser technology

scan1 scan2

Scanning laser technology enables the measurement primarily of outside diameters and profiles. Laser micrometers can be used as stand-alone bench top measurement systems or can be integrated into processes.

geometric laser technology

geo1 geo2

The geometric laser technology enables the measurement of displacement, thickness, width, length, and profile.


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